Why Exhibit?

CAPEx provides you an exclusive opportunity to develop new business contacts, launch new products and services, build distribution channels and & partners and have one-on-one meetings with influencers and decision makers from key buyer segments. Meet buyers and understand their budget allocations, product requirements, sourcing needs and procurement processes, only at CAPEx.

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Solution Providers of
Cement and Concrete
Steel and Iron
Wood, Timber and Boards
Masonry Products (Bricks, Blocks, etc.)
Precast, Prefabricated Construction and Assembly
Fenestration, Doors, Windows, Systems
Glass and Glazing
Roofing, Cladding and Facades
Hardware, Fixtures and Fittings
Veneers and Flooring
Stones, Marbles and Granites
Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Products
Plumbing, Pipes and Fiings
Waterproofing and Damp Proofing Materials / Application
Electrical Fiings and Lightings
Energy Storage, Batteries, Inverters and Generators
Paints and Coatings
Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)
Landscaping and Hoiculture
Energy Conservation Products, Solar Products, Renewable Energy
Fire Safety and Security
Pre-Engineered Buildings
Kitchen Spaces and Products
Home and Office Automation and BMS
Form Work and Scaffolding
Participation Package


Built-up Booth
Built up Booth
(min 9 sq m)
₹ 17,000*
USD 350*
Bare Space
(min 36 sqm)
₹ 15,000*
USD 300*
Bare Space
(min 50 sq m)
₹ 11,000*
USD 220*
Early Bird Offer: 10% discount till May 30th 2023.
* Add 18% GST extra


Rs. 18,000* #
USD 360* #
On The Spot
Rs. 20,000* #
USD400* #
Early Bird Offer: 10% discount till May 30th 2023.
# Delegate fee does not include accommodation, transport etc.
* Add 18% GST extra
Partnership Opportunities

CAPEx offers a varied range of partnership opportunities across several categories. We provide you cost-effective ways of reaching your target audience with greater impact. Get the biggest bang for your buck at CAPEx!

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Principal Partner
Associate Partner
Session Partner
ProductTech. Services Presentation
Partner Country
Feature Country
Country Pavilion
Partner State
Feature State
State Pavilion
Partner City
City Pavilion
* Add 18% GST extra
Partnering Organizations in 2020